“Evangelizing the World through the Word to produce life Empowerment”


Matthew 28:19[NASB]

Vision Statement

We bring people to Jesus that they might believe on Him and belong to His family. We equip them to become who God destined them to be, and in turn they bring God’s love to other hurting people thereby blessing the name of our God (Jehovah).

Missional Purpose

The purpose of Rose Hill Church of Port Allen is

  • Evangelism
    • Bring: Those who have been changed bring the love of God to those who are hurting like we were previously.
  • Edification
    • Believe: We communicate God’s word through instruction, causing the non-believer to believe in Jesus Christ through faith while encouraging the believer.
  • Engagement
    • Belong: We incorporate those who believe into God’s body and the local family.
  •  Equipping
    • Become: We educate God’s people through discipleship that they may become who God destined them to become.
  • Exaltation
    • Bless: We celebrate God’s presence and the name of Jesus Christ via individual and corporate worship.
  • Enablement
    • We enable the Body of Christ to fulfill this ministry purpose through wise stewardship that enhances and protects the resources God has faithfully entrusted to this Body of Believers.

Our Commitments  

  • Minister to the lost and broken with dignity and respect
  • Encouraging holistic growth through personal development and empowerment
  • Providing practical solutions for prevalent issues affecting the world and our local community
  • Improving ourselves as individuals and as an organization
  • Spreading the hope of Jesus Christ to all nations while paving the way for future generations